Girlfriend Getaways set a Trend

Vacations where women travel and leave the men at home are booming!

The phenomenon might have started decades ago with bachelorette parties and trips to Cancun for college girls, but the trend has exploded! SInce 1993 there has been a 230% increase in the number of women-only travel companies.

With so many women in the working world, the need to get away from it all has become a reason to vacation! A prescription for “de-stressing”. And getting to together with other women is just what the doctor ordered.

Whether you are married, single or divorced… research shows that women love to travel with friends, family and BFFS in an effort to “Getaway” from it all! It is no surprise that womens’ presence in the business world has afforded them the opportunity to travel much more often and on their terms. Women are seeking out Adventure travel, theme travel, spa getaways and choose to travel with other women. It is a great way to bond and reconnect with your mom, sister, daughter or BFF! Women often choose to travel single, and traveling in a group with other women offers them the chance to feel safe, network and meet new friends!

SO join the biggest trend in travel! GETAWAY WITH THE GIRLS!!!

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