Spend the Day with Broadway Ray!

I know so many people who would love to go to a Broadway play, but just don’t want the hassle of driving into the City, fighting traffic, parking. Often the thrill of the Show is mired by the efforts to get there! Well, I found a better way! BROADWAY RAY!

I, on the other hand, LOVE going to the City. I love driving in, love wandering and being on my own time schedule. I have always stayed away from “Group bus trips” for fear of being on someone elses schedule. All of that changed when I was invited to go to see “Hair” with Broadway Ray.

I was hesitant at first. Was I going to feel “trapped”? Not in control of my NYC experience? But I agreed to go. What I actually found was that it is a Fantastic way to enjoy a hassle free day! Ray does everything for you. All I had to do was show up on time!

As I approached the bus (originating in Manasquan) I was greeted by Ray who had an envelope for me with tickets and other goodies all prepared with my name. Very organized. Bus seating is done for you, at request ahead of time. The group was varied in age but all had one thing in common…they were excited and ready to have a fun day!

Bus was great. Very clean. Nice Driver. Clean facilities. Couldn’t have asked for more! Except maybe a refreshment! And of course…many DID bring refreshments!! It was great! The coolers came out and everyone was ready to start their adventure! It was such a pleasure to sit back and not worry about traffic. Ray played the soundtrack from HAIR and most people sang along, laughed and just enjoyed themselves.

As far as my concern about being constrained due to “group schedules”, it was not in any way constraining. I was very pleasantly surprised! In fact, after arriving at the Theatre door, we were given 2 hours to do as we please. Shop, have lunch, dine alone or dine with others…it is YOUR CHOICE!! It was a beautiful day and we ate lunch and still had time to peruse the street fair.

The show, it was wonderfully entertaining. For those of you familiar with HAIR, at the end, the audience is invited up to the stage to dance and sing. Very fun atmosphere, and there they were!!! Many Broadway Ray people were right up there!!! Of course, I knew we would be!

After the show, everyone got the chance to meet the stars at the backstage door. Again, no pressure to “get on the Bus”! It really was a great way to take a trip into the city. In a heartbeat, I would highly recommend another play with Broadway Ray! In fact, I can’t wait for Rock of Ages this summer! Check out his schedule at www.broadwayray.com. Maybe I will see you on the bus!

It is easy to see why Broadway Rays’ trips run so smoothly. It is so obvious in the enthusiasm and care that he takes in organizing his trips, that he truly loves what he does! And it shows! Seriously!! Call me and lets do Broadway with Ray!!

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