My Favorite 3 Places

People always ask me “Where is your favorite place to vacation?” That is such a hard question to answer. Too many places!! It is like asking “What is your favorite song?”. Almost impossible to answer that!! But I am going to try. I think I can manage to narrow it to my top 3.

If I am thinking of a relaxing location that makes me appreciate every second…I can only think of the British Virgin Islands! OF course, St John (USVI) is amazing, and it is hard to not mention Caneel Bay, but sampling the variety of the BVIs manages to eek out as the winner! Ever been to Jost Van Dyke? Well, there is nothing there except a stunningly beautiful white sand beach (White Bay) with crystal aqua water that has to be the most amazing beach! Truly what my heaven should be. Not only is the place beautiful, it is also filled with the character of the Islands.
After swimming ashore (there is no dock) your first stop must be the Soggy Dollar Bar (Get it?) and of course you must start the day out with the infamous Pain Killer (Rum cocktail). The casual “yachty” atmosphere will make you feel as though you just swam off your own yacht – even though you didn’t! Feel free to play board games, try your skill at the ring swing game, all while chatting it up with all the other “pretend” and real Yacht owners. It really is a special experience. Take a nap in one of the many hammocks around the beach, under the trees. And as you glance over to the pristine water, with the islands on the horizon, I challenge you to NOT get up and dive in! It is impossible! You will feel compelled…the water is calling you!

NOT to mention..Peter Island, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and the Bitter End Yacht Club!
I will talk about # 2 and # 3 later……

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