Girls Night Out


Shecky’s is an online and event destination for what’s cool and undiscovered in FASHION, BEAUTY and FUN with the girls.

From emerging designers to great beauty discoveries, delicious cocktails to free giveaways— Shecky’s offers a wonderland for girls to SHOP, SAMPLE & SCORE the world of things girls love.


Shecky’s partners with 1200+ cool companies a year to bring women the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and more in unique web and event experiences that can be shared with friends.


Because once in a while, women need a place to escape, where we can indulge, pamper ourselves and have some quality girl time—without the boys!

What’s Shecky’s Mission?

To spoil girls with fashion, beauty, fun and the best girlfriend group experiences.

Become a Shecky’s Insider today and start experiencing fashion, beauty & fun with Shecky’s in your social circle.

Ever been to a Sheckys Girls Night Out? Why are you waiting?! NYC Girls Night Out is coming up soon! I went to my first Sheckys event and had a great time with my friends. The vendors were fantastic! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EXCITING VENDORS!

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