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Payson Coopers’ Transformational Jewelry

I have gone through phases throughout my life. Not just “Diet phases”, “Health Food phases”, “Gardening phases”…but also “Jewelry phases”.

As a teen, I was into gold. Gold chains, charms and hoop earrings. Typical teen stuff. Stuff I would hunt for in Claires Boutique. It was fun. Fun shopping and Fun jewelry. I never wanted to spend alot on my jewelry, mostly because I didn’t have much to spend, but also because it had a life span of about 1 month with me before I lost it!

Then I got engaged. My first introduction to DIAMONDS!! That started another phase. A much more expensive phase. That first diamond was so brilliant and filled with promise of a wonderful life…and also just beautiful to look at! In the years to follow, diamonds were my jewelry of choice. Diamonds, gold and Emeralds were a 10 year phase! Okay, maybe 15! Okay…the diamond will probably always be a phase!

I would not even consider wearing anything that wasn’t real gold. I didn’t have a huge collection. I had collected a few pieces at important holidays or celebrations, and was very happy and appreciative. A pair of Diamond studs, a ring or two. Not much, but all the basics. After time, I realized that my “basics” were repeating themselves and started to loose their delight. They started becoming merely “staples”. I wanted the fun back!

So here I am, in my “I like things different, more variety” phase. OF course, it would be a great thing if I could have entered this phase with a bigger variety of diamonds and stones…but this thing called “reality” seems to always interfere!

The “reality” is that money IS an object! So I started to appreciate the value of nice jewelry that wasn’t diamonds! And realized the true value of jewelry that was different and unique. Forget the Canary Diamonds, forget the Pink Diamonds….the world is full of beautiful jewelry that isn’t diamonds! How about Glass Jewelry? White Gold? Silver? Semi precious stone? Silver? Swarovski? The options are endless!

I have acquired some amazingly fun, stylish bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings over the past few years. I love to collect while traveling. I love to find unique accents that will make people notice and ask “Where did you get that?”!

So there I was, at Savor the Success’ “Rock the World Event” when I found the most interesting, inspiring Jewelry Collection. Payson Cooper was preseting her Transformational Jewelry line and I was impressed! I love when something makes me say “I HAVE TO HAVE THAT!” And I did, have to have that!

Payson Coopers’ Transformational Jewelry was fresh and inspirational. Simple yet high quality pieces that actually makes you feel good. Jewelry that makes a statement. I have entered a new phase! The “Jewelry that expresses how I feel” phase. I immediately felt a connection to her line. I feel like I have built my life around my passion and it is evident that she has designed her Jewelry with her passion. And she has done so very successfully, because I can feel how much she cares about each piece.

I bought my first Transfomational piece right then and there! I am the lucky owner of the “expect Miracles” bracelet you see above. I wear it every day and it reflects my faith and passion about life. I couldn’t have said it better! She read my mind! Ever person should have a powerful, meaningful, beautiful reminder hanging on their neck or wrist or wrapped around their finger. I have mine! I think I will start getting them for my hubby and kids! Be sure to get your inspiration!

Payson Coopers Transformational Jewelry can be seen by clicking here!


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