Celebrating a Special Birthday?

I can tell you one thing I have realized in 2009, that is that life is too short! Somehow, life just seems to rush by us. Not enough days in the week, not enough weeks in the month. I always seem to busy to make time for “girlfriend time”.

I have a husband that I love to be around. And I have 5 grown kids that keep me on my toes. But nothing replaces the needed outlet of just “hanging out with the girls”! After my husband , kids and work…I really have to go out of my way to find the time to even have lunch with my friends. But when I do, it is so worth it! Better then an hour spent in therapy!

There is something special about having a dinner, home party or weekend away when it is JUST the Girls! It is relaxing (not having to take anyone into consideration except YOU!)? It is reconnecting (feeling that trust and bond that you can tell your girlfriend , sister or mom ANYTHING!)? Is it just laughter (and there is so much of that around when the Girls Get together)?

I think it is all 3! And it is a great way to celebrate!

Turning 30? 40? 50? even 80!!! Getaway with your girlfriends and have some fun! Hop on a cruise and celebrate! You deserve that time to do what YOU want to do! Be that 11 year old again…stay up all night giggling! Talk about clothes, boys, dreams and George Clooney! When I am away with the girls, that little girls in me comes alive!!

I love my husband, but he would think I was nuts if I just started dancing on my bed! Or singing Sweet Caroline in the middle of dinner! (I know my kids would keep their distance!!) But I do that with the Girls!! We act silly, we dance, we talk, talk, talk! And Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!!

DOn’t take your friendships for granted. There is nothing better then knowing that when you need an ear, or a hug…they are there! When you want to celebrate…they are there!

Celebrate with us!! The Ultimate Girls Slumber Party!

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