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Good Health requires Good Friendships!

It is Official! According to studies done by Brigham Young University and May Clinic, friendships are good for your health! In fact, having friends is just as important as stopping smoking and more harmful than not exercising!

Of course, I have always know that. Through some tough times, it has been good friends that have been my rock, my “sounding board”, my safety net & my comfort circle.

Good friends are important for your health, even offering a 50% chance of a longer life!

  • Increase your sense of belonging and purpose. (Feeling needed when a friend is going through a tough time)
  • Boost your Happiness (When I share stories with friends, I learn to laugh at my troubles!)
  • Reduce Stress (It is no fun to go out for a Martini alone! )
  • Improve your self -worth (Feeling loved and needed)
  • Decrease your risk of serious mental illness (When I need to rant, I can pick up the phone! They understand.)
  • Help you weather traumas such as Divorce, illness, job loss or death of a loved one. (When my first husband died, I relied on God, family & FRIENDS!)
  • Encourage you to change unhealthy lifestyle habits (WHAT! No martinis! well, that depends on the friends!)
  • Shares in good times (New baby, new house, new job, new hubby! Celebrate & laugh together!)
Just knowing that friends are there to lean on through the good times, celebrate with through the happy times and LAUGH THROUGH BOTH is a comforting and reassuring. Sometimes I just need to hear that “opposing” opinion to challenge my thoughts and make me think. That is why I personally think it is good to surround yourself with friends that are diverse – different back rounds, political opinions, styles, desires. One thing that is a MUST is that we share the same social values. That is the basis of trusting in their thoughts.

Surround yourself with good friends and live a happy healthy life!

So ask yourself a few questions…
Do you have a BFF?
Is your group of friends diverse?
Am I friends with people who help my mental state or hurt it?
Do I nurture my friendships?
And the biggy…..
More stuff on that later!

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Me and My Mac

Me and my Mac….

I really do love my husband. Infact, I really do LIKE him. It is nice that after 15 years and 5 kids (blended family.. I get extra points for that!) that we actually love spending time together! We are very active…we walk, we bike ride, we vacation, have beach days..we really enjoy our time alone. In fact, some people think it is odd that we do spend so much time together. But not us…

Sound perfect? Well, I am going to be honest, we do have one major problem right now…and that is the affair that I am having with my MAC! Difficult because of the time my MAC takes away from our time together.

I love my Mac. I love anything APPLE! I cannot imagine life without my mac. Ohh the things I can do on my MAC!

My husband doesn’t understand. He is a PC guy (UGggg). He finds MACs to be complicated, problematic, non-traditional. ME, I find MACs to be inventive, creative, uber useful, inviting, engaging, exciting….I could go on and on!

My affair started a few years ago, when my first MAC came into my life. It was my husbands fault (a birthday gift) and his regret. I instantly became attracted to my MAC and the affair has never stopped. 35,000, 26 movies, 3 Keynote Presentations, 2 businesses, 6 webpages later…I am still looking forward (and excited about) my future with my MAC.

My Husband thought that it was great to get me interested in things…and then came the Macbook Air. That was actually dangerous, because it is so light & fits in my pocketbook and travels with me everywhere! He started feeling left out a bit. He was actually happy when I was beginning to run out of storage space on my AIRBOOK…but THEN i discovered the EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE! My possibilities on my AIRBOOK became endless…now I was not only dragging around my AIRBOOK, but also my EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES! (Hey, you never know when you might need it!)

I am not on my second generation of IPHONE which means that even in the situations where I don’t have my pocketbook to carry around my AIRBOOK, I am still never without access to my MAC (via my iphone). Will it ever end?

The answer to that question is “I hope not!” I love my affair with my MAC, and do not see any end to it! And my husband…he will just have to understand. Of course, he does get annoyed when he wakes up in the middle of the night and it is in bed with us. Or when we are on a dinner date and he catches using my IPHONE under the table. I guess I should learn to control myself, or I will NEVER get an IPAD! (He told me that is where he is drawing the line! LOL)

SHHHhhhh….I will keep you posted when I finally get one!

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Windstar Cruise 2011

Windstar Cruises
“Why now?”

You deserve to treat yourself

In this stressful life, it is so important to restore your body and soul. Experts say that couples that take time out to vacation together, spending time without the stresses of daily life , have happier, healthier long term relationships then those that don’t. There is no time like NOW to plan your escape!

For so many of us, the Holidays are the most stressful time of year. All the preparation, family drama…and then come the “after Holiday Blues”…

Now imagine that when the real stress begins, you can look across the table and smile, knowing that when it is all over you will escape on a fantastic getaway for a week of sailing on a Windstar Cruise.

YES, a week of relaxing with the gentle breeze, turquoise ocean, amazing service, culinary perfection and romance in the air…EVERYONE DESERVES THAT!

Think of it as an investment in your physical and mental health!

“A Happy Wife is a Happy Life” and a “Happy Couple is a Happy Family”!

YOU DESERVE TO GETAWAY!. And there isn’t a better time then right after the Holidays!

What’s so special about a Windstar Cruise?

A Windstar Cruise is a refreshingly casual onboard experience appealing to even non-cruisers who want to experience the romance of the Sea without the confinement, crowds, regimentation or stuffiness often associated with “conventional” cruise ships. As one of the privileged few (148 guests) you the feel as though you are on your own sailing yacht.

Our favorite Cruiseline…Windstar! We have a group sailing round trip from St Martin to St Martin. We will be visiting St kitts, Tortola, Jost Van Dyke, Virgin Gorda, & St Barths.
This is a small, casually elegant sailing ship. Great way to start off the New Year and at a FANTASTIC price of $1555 per person INCLUDING accommodations, meals, entertainment, Bottle of wine, Bonvoyage party, Port charges. Let me know if you are interested!!! Pricing is the best I have seen and space will be going fast!
Call today to reserve your stateroom. Call for more details…732-577-9150
go to for more details. Click on Windstar 2011

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Everyone deserves to be pampered…

I Might Never Leave This Hotel…
Does “Squatters Rights” apply?

Beautiful summer day in Manhattan. Hubby asks me to drive in to meet him and spend the night (long business hours…) at the Ritz Carlton on Central Park. “I WILL BE THERE IN 45 MINUTES!” I say quietly…..but screaming in my brain! The chance to experience The Ritz, Central Park NYC…I can’t get there fast enough. I have read about so many celebrities, dignitaries and politicians staying at the Ritz, so why not me!

So here I am, after being escorted to the lobby “suite” by the kindest Gentleman (Front Desk Receptionist) to await my suite. Okay…I am already pampered and I haven’t even entered the room. Actually, if I left right now, I would have great things to say about this hotel…but there is not a chance I am leaving until I experience that room, not after the last half hour of being in the lobby! I almost don’t want to go up to the room yet (even though it is ready), similar in the way that I wait to open a gift…anticipation is half the thrill.

But now I am ready..

By the way, I have stayed at the Four Seasons in NYC many times, so when I say this is impressive….I know what I am comparing it to. SO far, the service is “wildy over and above”. Is that an appropriate description? It would be if you were sitting here.

Finally made the decision to head up to the room..I MEAN SUITE! After the silent glide up the elevator, and the “OMG! I could live here” reaction to the suite, I am now settled into the comfort of this classic, beige, comfy poofy room. As I sit here, among the traditional decor, I always wonder “Is Buckingham Palace this comfortable? Because, the traditional decor of Buckingham Palace is so NOT comfortable looking! But this is.

Of course, the bathroom was my first stop (I AM a girl) and I think it has the most amazing marble I have ever seen. It looks like soft, swirly, caramel ice cream. Beautiful. Bathroom amenities…Yes, I have everything I need and more AND top notch!

Comparable to the Four Seasons…Different. Service is definitely better (which makes EVERYTHING BETTER!). Room is comparable but styled differently. Bathroom is absolutely awesome in both.

Well, I have been here for 2 hours. I have a huge smile on my face. About to climb in the shower to get ready for dinner at Scotto’s. Life is good at the Ritz Carlton.

The Ritz Carlton got me at “Welcome to the Ritz”. Click here to see more and reserve your stay!

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An Epic Moment in Accommodations: the Studios

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The Men in My Life

A Perfect Fathers Day for MOM!

A year ago, my son Colin Louro(center) moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dream in movie production. Yep, he moved 3000 miles away from all of us. Am I sad, actually not! Just like when they all went off to college, I am excited for him and the future that is in store for him. And hey, after all, it is a nice place to visit! (Could be worse, he could have moved to Australia – too far to visit!) Although, when they went off to college, I always knew they would come back…the difference is that Colin will probably build his future in LA.

What I do get sad about is the disconnect that the 4 brothers could easily develop. Doug and Jon are in NYC, Nick is still in college in South Carolina and between work and school it is often hard to have them all together at the same time! In fact, it had already been 1 1/2 years since they had all been in the same room! Let me introduce them, in the photo from left to right – Jon, Nicky, Colin, Frank (Dad) and Doug. Such a handsome bunch! I am so proud of them all for each of their lives! But as brothers, I want them so much to KNOW each other. (By the way…ever seen such a group of cute guys! LOVE tHEM!)

So for Fathers Day, (which happened to be Colin’s Bday this year) I secretly arranged with all the boys to fly to LA and surprise Colin! First of all, it was so much fun planning the secret trip. It was fun to coordinate the flights to arrive simultaneously and exciting to know that all my boys were up in the sky, on separate planes, crossing the country! When we all arrived, we headed directly to surprise Colin at his job at Trump Golf Course, Palos Verde.

OF course, his manager and staff were all “in on” the secret surprise (which made it even more fun!). And as he walked into the lounge and saw us all sitting at the bar, I could feel the love! I know that sounds corny, but I could. It was so fun to hear the bantering that only brothers can do. I half expected them to start wrestling on the floor!

Colin had the surprise of his life. He thought he would be spending his bday without family and now he had ALL of his brothers there in California. They could finally see where he worked, where he lived, where he spent his free time.

They could finally relate to things when they talked on the phone. California is a different planet from the North East…and you have to be there to understand the lifestyle. The brothers now knew how cold the ocean is, how eclectic the people are, how terrible the traffic is and how beautiful the scenery is. They finally understand why Colin is there.

We had a great time. Didn’t do any of the typical “sight seeing” activities…just hung out and lived in Colin’s world for 5 days.

For me, it was one of the best vacations that I have ever had. Not to mention that this was also Fathers Day, so it was heart warming to see Dad with all his boys! I will never forget the sounds of laughter, banter, and even the occasional argument. It actually makes me cry when I think about it….I hope that there are many more times just like this.

So hurry up Colin! We are all pulling for you to jumpstart your fabulous career! We want to come visit again soon! I want all the Boys together again!

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