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GirlsonaCruise Post Divorce!

"This is the relaxation I deserve"!

Last Monday night I went out with a friend who recently announced she was getting divorced after 30 years of marriage. Not that I was shocked…in fact, I was happy for her. Happy that she was doing something she wanted to do for years…getting her independence. But not happy that she was going through the horrible process of “getting divorced”! It is an emotional roller coaster and very draining.

Although I am not an advocate for divorce, the reality is that it happens. And now it was happening to her. This road she is going down will be filled with stress…in a big way! As a friend, my job is to support her and help her de-stress. The best way to do that? Get the Girls together! And what do the Girls do when they get together?

  • Laugh, Cry & Dance to old disco tunes!
  • Laugh, Cry & Share stories
  • Laugh, Cry & Get Massages
  • Laugh, Cry & Chit Chat till the wee hours
  • Laugh, Cry & Pop open another bottle of wine…..
  • Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!

Yes, I have just described every Girls Getaway and the perfect method of de-stressing! I started hosting Girls Getaway Cruises 5 years ago when I needed to de-stress from the “Empty Nest” time of my life. It worked! And I have been doing it twice a year ever since.

It is 4 or 5 days of Girl Time that is all about reconnecting not only with my friends, but with me. It is about getting away from all the family stress and refreshing my soul. There is something about being around other women (Friends, Sisters and even girls I just meet on the cruise) that encourages sharing and laughter. Then you return home feeling like NEW! Ready to take on the world again!

So, I am going to take my girlfriend and her girlfriends on a cruise. Where she can laugh and cry and carry on as herself with a group of women who are supportive, empowering and just plain fun. It is exactly what the “Doctor BFF Ordered!”

 Let help you celebrate your “Chapter 2”.  Can’t find a friend to join you?  JOIN US!!  We have many “Solo” women…once they travel with, they aren’t traveling “Solo” anymore!

What did you do to pick yourself up when you were going through your divorce?

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