Cruise Ship Safety

Last month I sat on the beach the day before boarding a Royal Caribbean cruise for our Girls Getaway Cruise.  I couldn’t help but think about the tragic event that took place on the Costa Concordia earlier in the month.  My heart breaks for all that experienced that accident and for those families who lost loved ones. I could only imagine how scary that was.

I consider myself a bonafide “worry wart” and very cautious person.  I always look for the exit before sitting down at a restaurant or staying the night at a hotel.  I always check where the exits are when boarding a plane.  (Yes…I worry like the best of them!)   Yet as I sat on that beach anticipating the Girls Getaway Cruise I didn’t think twice about safety and had no concerns. 

I have cruised 38 times in my life. Have attended 38 “Muster” (lifeboat) drills before sailing and can honestly say I feel very safe.  Of course accidents can happen, but accidents such as this one are an extremely rare occurrence in the cruise industry and cruising continues to be one of the safest means of all types of leisure activities and transportation.  While any accident involving loss of human life is one too many, from 2005 through 2010 there were 16 marine casualty-related deaths out of nearly 100 million passengers carried worldwide.  This record demonstrates the industry’s commitment to the safety and well-being of the passengers and crew.  

In my own experience, the Captain and crew are committed to safety of the Cruise ship and it’s passengers. Officers and crew conduct regular drills on every ship and complete extensive training.  I have witnessed these drills many times over the years.   (You can read more about Celebrity Cruises safety standards HERE –  ) 

Safety awareness is one of the reasons that I started Girls Getaway travel.  I personally would be too worried to travel alone, as many of us are.  With so many women in the position of finding others to travel with, traveling with a group is the perfect answer.  It seems strange but true that even though many of us have just met on the Cruise, we become an instant support for each other in case of emergency, whether it be medical or safety.  After all, we are all in the same boat! (Pun totally intended!)  It is a huge advantage to traveling in a group.  

Do I feel safe? Absolutely!  Can accidents happen? Absolutely!  But a rare occasion will not stop me from enjoying life and all it has to offer.  

ImageAccidents happen everywhere…but I will still get on a bus to take a trip into NYC to see a Broadway Play, I will still get on a plane to fly to LA and see my son, I will still drive to the grocery store to shop for my family, I will still ride that latest roller coaster at Disney World and I will still cruise!  


Janet DeVito 


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  1. Like you said Janet so sad about the Costa accident but things have to be taken into perspective.

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