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Excursion to Jost Van Dyke, A Great Excursion


The Perfect Shore Excursion 

The perfect shore excursion is sometimes the one you arrange on your own,  not through the cruise line.  There are many unique, exciting adventures out there…you just need to search for them, or use a travel agent who knows all about them!  (Yes, that would be me!)

I have heard many people say “I don’t want to cruise to the same Islands I have been to before.  I have seen that Island. ”   I personally LOVE to go to the same Islands and know that when I get there, I am familiar with the things that I enjoy at that port of call.  It makes the experience carefree and easy.  BUT, when I am in an adventurous mood, I am familiar enough to venture out and discover what is “around” that Island and explore.

Recently while hosting a Wine Group onboard the Celebrity Cruises Reflection, I arranged an private excursion for a few of us.   While in port in St Thomas,  we chartered a boat for the day to bring us to the British Virgin Island of Jost Van Dyke.  While there are many charters in the USVI/BVI’s, I have done this before, so I called the very reliable “Good Day Charters”  and easily arranged the day.  (Of course this needs to be done weeks before the Cruise date).

We met Captain Stan at the marina and off we went to Jost Van Dyke!   It was a fabulous 45 minute boat ride to Jost, then after Captain Stan cleared us through British customs, we headed over to White Bay to enjoy the day.   Jost is a favorite of ours.  It is a small Island that caters to “yachties” .  The main bar on the beach is The Soggy Dollar Bar (named for the fact that there is no dock, so it is a wet landing and yes, your dollars will get soggy!)  and the Island is famous for the “Pain Killer” drink (a rum concoction that does exactly what the name says!).

There are several other bars on White Bay to lunch at.  There are facilities on the beach as well as chair rentals.  But if you don’t want to rent a chair, that is just fine, because I guarantee you that most of your time will be spent in the amazingly blue waters.

After lunch, pain killers and plenty of time in the water, Captain Stan headed back to St Thomas (including a stop in St John through US Customs) with plenty of time to board the Celebrity Reflection.  We even had and hour to shop at Haven Sight Mall by the ship.

Sounds adventurous?  IT WAS!  SO next time you think of visiting the same port of call on a cruise ship that you have been to before… definitely go!  And just explore more !

For those of you who would like to arrange your own excursion to Jost, visit and ask for Captain Stan!

You can also arrange excursions directly through CruiseOne (and save $$$!) on my website  (Tab “explore more” and “Vacation Excursions” )

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