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Good Health requires Good Friendships!

It is Official! According to studies done by Brigham Young University and May Clinic, friendships are good for your health! In fact, having friends is just as important as stopping smoking and more harmful than not exercising!

Of course, I have always know that. Through some tough times, it has been good friends that have been my rock, my “sounding board”, my safety net & my comfort circle.

Good friends are important for your health, even offering a 50% chance of a longer life!

  • Increase your sense of belonging and purpose. (Feeling needed when a friend is going through a tough time)
  • Boost your Happiness (When I share stories with friends, I learn to laugh at my troubles!)
  • Reduce Stress (It is no fun to go out for a Martini alone! )
  • Improve your self -worth (Feeling loved and needed)
  • Decrease your risk of serious mental illness (When I need to rant, I can pick up the phone! They understand.)
  • Help you weather traumas such as Divorce, illness, job loss or death of a loved one. (When my first husband died, I relied on God, family & FRIENDS!)
  • Encourage you to change unhealthy lifestyle habits (WHAT! No martinis! well, that depends on the friends!)
  • Shares in good times (New baby, new house, new job, new hubby! Celebrate & laugh together!)
Just knowing that friends are there to lean on through the good times, celebrate with through the happy times and LAUGH THROUGH BOTH is a comforting and reassuring. Sometimes I just need to hear that “opposing” opinion to challenge my thoughts and make me think. That is why I personally think it is good to surround yourself with friends that are diverse – different back rounds, political opinions, styles, desires. One thing that is a MUST is that we share the same social values. That is the basis of trusting in their thoughts.

Surround yourself with good friends and live a happy healthy life!

So ask yourself a few questions…
Do you have a BFF?
Is your group of friends diverse?
Am I friends with people who help my mental state or hurt it?
Do I nurture my friendships?
And the biggy…..
More stuff on that later!

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