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Port of Call of the Week – St Martin

A video says a thousand words!!  Need I write more?

Some people say “I have already done that itinerary.  I want to see other islands.”

I say that the great thing about going to the same port many times is knowing exactly “What” you want to do when you get there.  It really is much more enjoyable when you don’t feel pressured to see everything and you can spend all day doing your favorite thing on the island.  In St Martin, our favorite thing to do is spend the day at Orient Beach…more specifically “Coco’s Beach”.   Of course you can go on an excursion to Orient Beach, but then you will be like a herd of cows (not a literal picture!) and not feel special.  Take my advice…take a cab to Coco’s and feel the difference!

Sure…you could go to Kontiki’s, Waikiki (totally expensive!) or Bikini Beach, but you won’t feel the intimate friendly service.  As with any restaurant or resort, service is always key…and at Cocos the employees really care.  You can feel it.  And I attribute that to the owner Sophie.  She is hands on and a part of the experience.  You can always count on the food being fabulous, the service being top notch and the “after lunch specialty rum” being …oh how can I say “rumilicious!” (is that a word?!)

Look for the Periwinkle umbrellas and THAT is Coco’s.  I recommend the lobster salad, the Rigaletto Pizza or the grilled chicken (devito style!).  Ask for Phillipe, Roman and Sophie and tell them Janet & Frank sent you…and don’t forget to say “Bonjour!”

Take a cruise to St Marten, stay at one of our fav hotels (Alamanda or Esmeralda) or renta villa (Casa Lana, Coccinelle or Dolce Vita – depending on your budget)….but just GO!  I have been going there for over 25 years and love it!

For more tips on St marten and booking that special vacationClick Here!

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Port of the Week – “Nowhere”




Location – “Nowhere” could be “Anywhere”

Size of Nowhere – as vast as the Ocean is wide!

Population – Very Exclusive, only other passengers on your Cruise can visit!

Even if you have never been on a “Cruise to Nowhere”…as long as you have been on a cruise, you have experienced “Nowhere”.  Although it is actually  “Somewhere”…it is definitely “Nowhere”.

I am on the plane flying back from my cruise to “Nowhere” onboard Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. Yes, the ship went exactly there…NOWHERE!  And it was great!

First let me say, I was on the “Creme de la Creme” of Cruise Ships as far as the facilities, activities & events on a Cruise Ship.  At 220,000 gross tons, the Allure of the Seas is best described as a floating City.  It is great that the Allure takes you to exotic ports of call…but my favorite port of call for the Allure is “Nowhere”.

When a ship sails to “Nowhere”, it means that it is doing exactly that…floating at sea for a determined amount of time.  Now, you might say “WHY WOULD I WANT TO DO THAT?!”  Here is my Top 10 Reasons for  spending a day at Sea:

  1. NO pressure to hop off the ship, “Nowhere” is actually ON the Ship!
  2. Fresh Ocean air…restorative benefits for your health!  Breathe!!!!!
  3. Great chance to hit the Spa and get a 2 hour massage.
  4. Bingo, an Art Auction, Wine Tastings, Salsa Lessons?  Endless options of “to Dos”
  5. If you are on a Family Reunion Cruise or Cruising with a group, it gives you the time to really spend together.
  6. I can actually finish that book I have been reading, in a quiet spot on the ship.
  7. Nap time is acceptable
  8. NO cost for excursions!
  9. Great time for educational enrichment or even Company Seminars!
  10. I can just close my eyes, feel the breeze and feel the moment.

Some on my favorite moments on a Cruise are when we are in between ports and have absolutely no pressure and nothing to do except what YOU want to do!  In fact, one big advantage of a Cruise Vacation over a land vacation is the endless options of activities.  Should you have the dreaded rainy day, on a Cruise you are never bored!

On a Cruise ship the size of the Allure, if you can’t find something to entertain you (or relax you) then we seriously need to call the “I CAN’T HAVE FUN POLICE”! Or maybe even the “PERSONALITY POLICE!”  Even the most miserable of people will find something to smile about!  No matter what type of person you are, there is something for you…..

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Sun worshipers?.. the deck is your spot!

Gamblers? …the Casino is open!

Shoppers?…Jewelry, clothing, art, Coach Pocketbooks!, Fine Wines

Active?…Golf, Rock Climbing, Bball, Spin Class, Ice Skating & even a Zip Line!

Crafty?…Try one of the many creative workshops offered.

Movie or Theater Buff?…Cinema Movies, Broadway Plays & even in room viewing

Food & Wine Connesieur?…Wine tasting seminars & Cooking lessons

Music Buffs?…Orchestras, bands & DJs ready to “Rock your Socks” off!

Self Indugent?…let Vitality Spa pamper you to “wet noodle” status!

I could go on and On!!!

Of course even on a small Cruise ship like the Windstar, Sea Dream that doesn’t have all the bells & whistles of a mega ship…a day at Sea is what a Cruise is all about ….relaxation.  The gentle breeze, the mesmerizing swaying of the ocean…it is thought provoking, stimulating & pampering.

Yes, I love “Nowhere”.  It is exactly the “somewhere”  I love to be!

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Sea Dream Yacht Cruise

Sea Dream Yacht Club

It’s not Cruising, It’s Yachting!

I have been very fortunate to have sailed the Sea Dream II a few years ago. It truly is a “once in a lifetime” trip. But now I am fortunate enough to do it twice! (As a celebration of my husbands 50th!) I will let you know if it is better the second time around! That is, unless, you join us!! Then you can decide for yourself!

There are not many things that I can recommend without a single doubt, and Sea Dream Yacht Club is one of them! It is like caviar…a luxury to savor. OH! Did I mention that while in Jost Van Dyke, the captain and crew serve you champagne and caviar off of a surfboard IN THE WATER! Yes, another once in a life time event, that I am doing twice!

I have a lot of memories of that first Sea Dream Cruise, and the Champagne and Caviar event in Jost Van Dyke is truly awesome. It is a perfect example of why Sea Dream charges what they charge. Because it is soooo worth it! This ship has so much to offer!

5 Star service – prepare to be spoiled!

5 Star cuisine – Extraordinary cuisine, open seating, room service

Entertainment – intimate entertainment

Fitness Center – All the basics plus training and yoga!

Sea Dream Spa – Treatment selections including Thai therapies

Boutique – Select merchadise for savvy shoppers

Sea Dream Marina – play with water toys off the ships platform

Casino – Small, intimate, Monte Carlo feel

Sea Dream has other unique features too. Balinese bedding on the top deck is a signature of Sea Dream. Relax during the day or lounge in the evenings under the stars while sipping a glass of Pinot Noir.

So we are yachting once again on February 21 for 7 luxurious days in the Caribbean. Because of Sea Dreams 14 foot draft (the amount of ship below the waterline) she is able to stop at islands and ports that other large ships cannot get to. For example, in St Marten, the Sea Dream docks in Marigot (gorgeous little french town) as opposed to the busy port of Phillipsburg on the Dutch side.

AND she stays till midnight, so guests can truly enjoy the islands nightlife. While all the other ships are leaving at 5 pm, Sea Dream guests are just showering for dinner and then getting back off the ship for dancing to a calypso band.

We will be sailing from Antigua to San Juan. In between we will be visiting the intimate ports of :

Nevis – A true South pacific feel, gorgeous volcanic island

Saba – a Scuba / snorkelers dream!

St Barths – Quaint French island full of charm and glitz

St Marten – French / Dutch island with fabulous Orient Beach

Anguilla –Sugary white sand beaches with amazing turqouise water

Jost Van Dyke – Sip champagne and Caviar on this British Virgin Isle

San Juan – disembarkation

Pricing starts at $ 3999 per person. And remember the old adage “You get what you pay for”! On Sea Dream you get more!

Still undecided?

Celebrating something special?

Birthday? Anniversary? Life?!!

This is the Ultimate way to do it!

Visit Sea Dreams Website

Call today! And Save!


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