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Me and My Mac

Me and my Mac….

I really do love my husband. Infact, I really do LIKE him. It is nice that after 15 years and 5 kids (blended family.. I get extra points for that!) that we actually love spending time together! We are very active…we walk, we bike ride, we vacation, have beach days..we really enjoy our time alone. In fact, some people think it is odd that we do spend so much time together. But not us…

Sound perfect? Well, I am going to be honest, we do have one major problem right now…and that is the affair that I am having with my MAC! Difficult because of the time my MAC takes away from our time together.

I love my Mac. I love anything APPLE! I cannot imagine life without my mac. Ohh the things I can do on my MAC!

My husband doesn’t understand. He is a PC guy (UGggg). He finds MACs to be complicated, problematic, non-traditional. ME, I find MACs to be inventive, creative, uber useful, inviting, engaging, exciting….I could go on and on!

My affair started a few years ago, when my first MAC came into my life. It was my husbands fault (a birthday gift) and his regret. I instantly became attracted to my MAC and the affair has never stopped. 35,000, 26 movies, 3 Keynote Presentations, 2 businesses, 6 webpages later…I am still looking forward (and excited about) my future with my MAC.

My Husband thought that it was great to get me interested in things…and then came the Macbook Air. That was actually dangerous, because it is so light & fits in my pocketbook and travels with me everywhere! He started feeling left out a bit. He was actually happy when I was beginning to run out of storage space on my AIRBOOK…but THEN i discovered the EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE! My possibilities on my AIRBOOK became endless…now I was not only dragging around my AIRBOOK, but also my EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES! (Hey, you never know when you might need it!)

I am not on my second generation of IPHONE which means that even in the situations where I don’t have my pocketbook to carry around my AIRBOOK, I am still never without access to my MAC (via my iphone). Will it ever end?

The answer to that question is “I hope not!” I love my affair with my MAC, and do not see any end to it! And my husband…he will just have to understand. Of course, he does get annoyed when he wakes up in the middle of the night and it is in bed with us. Or when we are on a dinner date and he catches using my IPHONE under the table. I guess I should learn to control myself, or I will NEVER get an IPAD! (He told me that is where he is drawing the line! LOL)

SHHHhhhh….I will keep you posted when I finally get one!

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