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A Wedding to Remember

I have spent hours watching  “Say Yes to the Dress” “Four Weddings” and other reality Bridal & Wedding shows.  I understand tradition, but I am amazed how Wedding traditions have made weddings so repetitive.

To me, weddings have become very “generic”.  Sure, Wedding Dresses can be different, Cakes unique, venues styled differently…dress it up in different ways, it still follows the same plan.. Blah Blah Blah!  And the worst is – Poof! Thousands of dollars gone in 5 hours!  Seriously…it all comes down to those 5 hours!  In a perfect world, the amount spent would last at least 5 days!

My kids are getting to the age where soon be getting married and I really hope that they do something to step out of the box.  Make that special day of celebrating love & life an intimate memory.  So many weddings I have been to have a guest list that includes some people that the Bride & Groom don’t even know!  How many times have you been to a wedding and didn’t have more then a few minutes to spend with the cousins you haven’t seen in 2 years?  Back to that ridiculous 5 hours…. barely enough tie to talk to the wedding party.

The solution – For the same amount of money (within ANY budget) you can break outside that “generic” wedding box.

Make it an event where people truly spend time with “the Couple”. I Love the idea of Destination Weddings!  What ever your budget, there is an exotic, exciting Destination for you.

An Island destination oozes romance. Sunset catamaran for 50 followed by a beach BBQ for a rehearsal dinner.  Vows shared with a gentle breeze. Dancing under the stars with your feet in the sand.  And best of all, Time to enjoy this moment in time…the Happiest day of your life with Family and Friends.  Not just 5 hours, but days to celebrate and reconnect.

Do you have to spend a fortune for a Destination Wedding? NO! There are Island resorts to suite any budget. From Iberostar all-inclusives to Caneel Bay Rosewood Resort (above photos)…the pricing includes “Celebration, Time & Romance”.

But don’t let you’re “out of the Box” thinking stop there….Ever consider a “Wedding at Sea?”  A wedding on a Cruise Ship is true romance.  What could be more Romantic, Intimate & fun for the Bride, Groom and Guests?  While at the same time offering so much for such a great value.  Choose to say your vows on the Ship or at port…whether it’s a stunning cliff-top ceremony in Greece or an elegant affair onboard a luxurious ship, love is best served with a perfect experience.

Variety of Cruise Lines for every budget:

Luxury – Sea Dream Yacht, Paul Gauguin, Windstar – charter the WIndstar with 130 guests!

Large Ships – Carnival, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity – Accommodations  to fit every budget on one ship.

Now, some of you might say  “But what if some guests can’t afford to travel?”

If you plan ahead, it will give everyone plenty of time to save. Easy payment plans are available with CruiseOne.  And for those guests that choose not to travel, plan a small celebration or cocktail party upon return.

Why cram the beginning of your life into those 5 short hours of stress and anxiety!  What better fun then to have quality time with close family & friends, relaxing, reconnecting, creating long lasting memories and celebrating your love!  A Destination Wedding and a Wedding at Sea will take you right “out of the Box” and start your new life together in a Unique, Memorable Celebration.

At CruiseOne, we even offer Bridal Registry for guests to give the gift of a Honeymoon! Visit my website for details!

Best Cruises for a Wedding

Bon Voyage!

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Me and My Mac

Me and my Mac….

I really do love my husband. Infact, I really do LIKE him. It is nice that after 15 years and 5 kids (blended family.. I get extra points for that!) that we actually love spending time together! We are very active…we walk, we bike ride, we vacation, have beach days..we really enjoy our time alone. In fact, some people think it is odd that we do spend so much time together. But not us…

Sound perfect? Well, I am going to be honest, we do have one major problem right now…and that is the affair that I am having with my MAC! Difficult because of the time my MAC takes away from our time together.

I love my Mac. I love anything APPLE! I cannot imagine life without my mac. Ohh the things I can do on my MAC!

My husband doesn’t understand. He is a PC guy (UGggg). He finds MACs to be complicated, problematic, non-traditional. ME, I find MACs to be inventive, creative, uber useful, inviting, engaging, exciting….I could go on and on!

My affair started a few years ago, when my first MAC came into my life. It was my husbands fault (a birthday gift) and his regret. I instantly became attracted to my MAC and the affair has never stopped. 35,000, 26 movies, 3 Keynote Presentations, 2 businesses, 6 webpages later…I am still looking forward (and excited about) my future with my MAC.

My Husband thought that it was great to get me interested in things…and then came the Macbook Air. That was actually dangerous, because it is so light & fits in my pocketbook and travels with me everywhere! He started feeling left out a bit. He was actually happy when I was beginning to run out of storage space on my AIRBOOK…but THEN i discovered the EXTERNAL HARD DRIVE! My possibilities on my AIRBOOK became endless…now I was not only dragging around my AIRBOOK, but also my EXTERNAL HARD DRIVES! (Hey, you never know when you might need it!)

I am not on my second generation of IPHONE which means that even in the situations where I don’t have my pocketbook to carry around my AIRBOOK, I am still never without access to my MAC (via my iphone). Will it ever end?

The answer to that question is “I hope not!” I love my affair with my MAC, and do not see any end to it! And my husband…he will just have to understand. Of course, he does get annoyed when he wakes up in the middle of the night and it is in bed with us. Or when we are on a dinner date and he catches using my IPHONE under the table. I guess I should learn to control myself, or I will NEVER get an IPAD! (He told me that is where he is drawing the line! LOL)

SHHHhhhh….I will keep you posted when I finally get one!

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