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Boston Weekend


Fifteen Beacon

So, even though my son went to college just north of Boston (Salem)…we never stayed in Boston while visiting him! He graduated last year and remained in Boston. And so for the first time we stayed in Boston proper! LOVED IT!

Frank and I are serious walkers. No matter where we vacation or adventure to, Frank and I always explore by foot. And Boston is a great city to explore by foot. Only just over 4 miles wide, we can walk the whole city! And we just about did!

We decided to stay at the Fifteen Beacon Hotel because of its’ location. GOOD CHOICE! It is in the Beacon Hill area, right by the Beacon Commons park. One of the coolest things about Boston is that there is a 3 level parking garage UNDER the park! Very strange to imagine while walking through the park. Little huts, which house elevators to the underground are found throughout the park. Interesting.

Fifteen Beacon Hotel

The hotel itself is small, intimate, and has a very “British feel”. We stayed in Room 905. No view to speak of. In fact, no view! But the room itself was very nice. Fireplace, Plasma TVs, sleek phones (not to mention the bathroom and bedside extensions). King four poster bed – very comfy. Desk – great desk top amenities. From the heavy silver “sitcky pad” holder to the leather desk top write. Very classy through and through. I must say they had the most amazing bedside table! It had glass inserts on the top bordered by leather trim. The front of the drawers are glass. Beautiful piece of furniture. The whole room was filled with little specialty items. Alot of time spent wandering the room and perusing the unique, cute, interesting extras.

The bathroom was also very British. Very well appointed. Almost as if a Butler set tit up. And the shower! All white marble, very nice. But the amazing thing was the Rain shower head. I felt as if I was standing under Niagra Falls! SO MUCH WATER!!! It was such a wonderful sensation. I had never been in a shower like that.

I felt as though we were staying in The Brown Hotel in London, and when we walked out of the hotel, it would BE the other side of the Atlantic. Fifteen Beacon did a wonderful job! BEACON STREET HOTEL


Having never stayed in Boston before, we approached the Concierge. “Mitchell Cox”. Now tell me, does THAT NAME sound British or what!?! He was a gracious, informative and helpful Concierge. One of the best we have encountered. His attitude was one of “intent to make us happy”. A very warm, fuzzy feeling of confidence.

He set us up for dinner at Lucca in the North End. It was really a short walk, but the Hotel does provide black car service anywhere in Boston (again, very British). When we arrived, the wind whipped up as we got out of the car and it seemed to snow! The cherry trees, which were in full bloom, shed their tiny blossoms in the wind. It was a magical moment. The boys were waiting for us. It was a perfect experience! Lucca could rival the best in NYC. Service, atmosphere and food were all superb. I would highly recommend. LUCCA WEBSITE

Take a ride. Go to Boston. It will not disappoint!

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