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Cruising the Caribbean with Pat Guadagno

Celebrity Solstice

Let’s do it Again!

Think we had fun last year? We were just getting started! It was so great to meet everyone who came to Cruise with Pat Guadagno! If I might say so, it was a fun, happy, adventurous and friendly group of people!

The ship was beautiful! Classy, elegant and informal all at once. And who ever thought a grass lawn on a ship would be so relaxing? Care for a little Bocce Ball competition?

The pool and sun deck felt as if it was a Slinky and Hip as a Miami South Beach Resort. Very adult and pampering.

Cuisine was sumptuous. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were equally impressive. The dining room itself was a cavernous room filled with shades of whites and sparkles. I felt as though I was sitting in a glass of Champagne. Very bubbly!

The Martini Bar and the Wine Cellar were perfect for pre-dinner cocktails & after dinner cocktails & afternoon cocktails & well, cocktails ANYTIME! Fun bars, great service!

The ports of call were tweaked. We kept our favorites – San juan and St Marten and added St Kitts! PERFECT! And it even leaves us 3 days at sea to relax, play Bocce, dine, have cocktails and let Pat entertain us!

We definitely need more Pat in 2010! He was great on the cruise. We all listened, sang, danced and laughed with him. Michaels Club was the perfect venue to spend an hour with Pat. The staff really liked him too! Once again, Pat kept us entertained!

So do you even have to ask WHY? OF course…Let’s do it again!

Be sure and reserve your cabin today!

This one’s going to be good!

Call CruiseOne / Janet DeVito



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* must be booked through Janet DeVito / CruiseOne to be included in special Pat Guadagno Performances and parties.

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The Langosta Lounge, Asbury Park

Ever wonder what the phrase “Very Bohemian” means? I think you can find the definition at Asbury Parks Langosta Lounge. The “very comfortable, relaxed style” is evident in everything from the decor to the staff, the menu and the clientele. Every inch is consistently inconsistent! “Very Bohemian!” We mosied in feeling like we just “fit”. We never expected to fall in love with this eccentric treasure…but we did!

On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, there is nothing better than putting down the convertible top and cruising to the beach. Yesterday we ended up in Asbury Park seeking something a little different. And we certainly did find it in the Langosta Lounge. Their business card says “Vacation Cuisine & Libations” – inspired by the places we travel and the people we meet. That fascinated me. I love travel and I love food. Was this the place near home that could “take me away?”

We sat at the bar and decided to order a few menu items. Just like the atmosphere, the selection on the menu was intriguing. We compromised and settled on 3 items. Calamari 3 ways (Brazilian Vatapa, Dialdo Sauce and Thai), Tuna & Shrimp Ceviche and the Langosta Enchilada. 3 Fabulous choices! The Ceviche, with its mango, onion and limy goodness literally was a celebration of flavor! The Tuna truly melted in my mouth. I would have been satisfied with just that, but was too curious about what was next. The Langosta Enchilada is something that I normally would not order, but was very glad that I expanded my horizon. It was excellent. Of course, I could never recreate that dish at home…so I will have to go back! The Calamari was crunchy and the sauces were each very deliciously different. But I was actually too stuffed to truly enjoy it. I will have to start with that next time!

We were not as adventurous with our Cocktail choice. We had a very nice bottle of Savignon Blanc but while probably should have tired the Sangria. It looked so refreshing! Filled with fruit. Watching the Steve, the bartender, make his exotic concoctions was fun! From Bloody Marys from scratch to Blue Margaritas, he was really fun to watch. A “mix Master”!

Did I mention the entertainment? Again, the phrase “very Bohemian” comes to mind. The “Stringbean and the Stalkers” were great! If I closed my eyes, I wouldn’t be able to decide if I was in either New Orleans or the Tropics. They were so eclectic. Very soulful, very cool, very jazzy. The scruffy surfer dude with his harmonica and voice was so fun to listen to. An amazing asset to the Langosta Lounge. Again…very consistent!

Next time the suns comes out on a beautiful afternoon, you can find us at the Langosta Lounge!

The staff tshirts say:

Hay percados
mas grandes para frier

which means:
Stay Cool
There’s bigger fish to fry

I think that will be my new motto!

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Girls Night Out


Shecky’s is an online and event destination for what’s cool and undiscovered in FASHION, BEAUTY and FUN with the girls.

From emerging designers to great beauty discoveries, delicious cocktails to free giveaways— Shecky’s offers a wonderland for girls to SHOP, SAMPLE & SCORE the world of things girls love.


Shecky’s partners with 1200+ cool companies a year to bring women the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty, entertainment, and more in unique web and event experiences that can be shared with friends.


Because once in a while, women need a place to escape, where we can indulge, pamper ourselves and have some quality girl time—without the boys!

What’s Shecky’s Mission?

To spoil girls with fashion, beauty, fun and the best girlfriend group experiences.

Become a Shecky’s Insider today and start experiencing fashion, beauty & fun with Shecky’s in your social circle.

Ever been to a Sheckys Girls Night Out? Why are you waiting?! NYC Girls Night Out is coming up soon! I went to my first Sheckys event and had a great time with my friends. The vendors were fantastic! CLICK HERE TO SEE THE EXCITING VENDORS!

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My Favorite 3 Places

People always ask me “Where is your favorite place to vacation?” That is such a hard question to answer. Too many places!! It is like asking “What is your favorite song?”. Almost impossible to answer that!! But I am going to try. I think I can manage to narrow it to my top 3.

If I am thinking of a relaxing location that makes me appreciate every second…I can only think of the British Virgin Islands! OF course, St John (USVI) is amazing, and it is hard to not mention Caneel Bay, but sampling the variety of the BVIs manages to eek out as the winner! Ever been to Jost Van Dyke? Well, there is nothing there except a stunningly beautiful white sand beach (White Bay) with crystal aqua water that has to be the most amazing beach! Truly what my heaven should be. Not only is the place beautiful, it is also filled with the character of the Islands.
After swimming ashore (there is no dock) your first stop must be the Soggy Dollar Bar (Get it?) and of course you must start the day out with the infamous Pain Killer (Rum cocktail). The casual “yachty” atmosphere will make you feel as though you just swam off your own yacht – even though you didn’t! Feel free to play board games, try your skill at the ring swing game, all while chatting it up with all the other “pretend” and real Yacht owners. It really is a special experience. Take a nap in one of the many hammocks around the beach, under the trees. And as you glance over to the pristine water, with the islands on the horizon, I challenge you to NOT get up and dive in! It is impossible! You will feel compelled…the water is calling you!

NOT to mention..Peter Island, Virgin Gorda, Anegada and the Bitter End Yacht Club!
I will talk about # 2 and # 3 later……

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I am getting into the FUN PLANNING stages of our Girls Getaway Cruise! Very exciting! I love surprises. But I love surprising others even more! We have approximately 50 Girls and counting. My job is to make sure they are all surprised and happy. I can’t think of a better job!

This years summer Getaway is very interesting, because it is the first time that I haven’t previously been to our port of call
St John, Canada. It looks very interesting. SO much to do and explore. From the amazing High and Low tides ( 48 foot tide change 2 times a day!) to the Greenwich village feeling of the old town to the home of Moosehead Beer! Sounds like fun to me!

Let’s not forget the ship itself. 2 full days at sea aboard the Carnival Triumph. I am really looking forward to that! Lounging by the pool. Relaxing in the Spa. Art auctions, make up demonstrations. The options are endless! All day looking forward to the pre dinner cocktail parties, fine dining, show and dancing! FUN FUN FUN!

Then call or email to book your Girls Getaway!

See you on the ship!

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HAIR with Broadway Ray

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Spend the Day with Broadway Ray!

I know so many people who would love to go to a Broadway play, but just don’t want the hassle of driving into the City, fighting traffic, parking. Often the thrill of the Show is mired by the efforts to get there! Well, I found a better way! BROADWAY RAY!

I, on the other hand, LOVE going to the City. I love driving in, love wandering and being on my own time schedule. I have always stayed away from “Group bus trips” for fear of being on someone elses schedule. All of that changed when I was invited to go to see “Hair” with Broadway Ray.

I was hesitant at first. Was I going to feel “trapped”? Not in control of my NYC experience? But I agreed to go. What I actually found was that it is a Fantastic way to enjoy a hassle free day! Ray does everything for you. All I had to do was show up on time!

As I approached the bus (originating in Manasquan) I was greeted by Ray who had an envelope for me with tickets and other goodies all prepared with my name. Very organized. Bus seating is done for you, at request ahead of time. The group was varied in age but all had one thing in common…they were excited and ready to have a fun day!

Bus was great. Very clean. Nice Driver. Clean facilities. Couldn’t have asked for more! Except maybe a refreshment! And of course…many DID bring refreshments!! It was great! The coolers came out and everyone was ready to start their adventure! It was such a pleasure to sit back and not worry about traffic. Ray played the soundtrack from HAIR and most people sang along, laughed and just enjoyed themselves.

As far as my concern about being constrained due to “group schedules”, it was not in any way constraining. I was very pleasantly surprised! In fact, after arriving at the Theatre door, we were given 2 hours to do as we please. Shop, have lunch, dine alone or dine with others…it is YOUR CHOICE!! It was a beautiful day and we ate lunch and still had time to peruse the street fair.

The show, it was wonderfully entertaining. For those of you familiar with HAIR, at the end, the audience is invited up to the stage to dance and sing. Very fun atmosphere, and there they were!!! Many Broadway Ray people were right up there!!! Of course, I knew we would be!

After the show, everyone got the chance to meet the stars at the backstage door. Again, no pressure to “get on the Bus”! It really was a great way to take a trip into the city. In a heartbeat, I would highly recommend another play with Broadway Ray! In fact, I can’t wait for Rock of Ages this summer! Check out his schedule at Maybe I will see you on the bus!

It is easy to see why Broadway Rays’ trips run so smoothly. It is so obvious in the enthusiasm and care that he takes in organizing his trips, that he truly loves what he does! And it shows! Seriously!! Call me and lets do Broadway with Ray!!

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