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Lago Mar Resort & Club , Fort Lauderdale

I am writing this sitting on the plane, returning home after a 5 day stay in Fort Lauderdale at the Lago Mar Resort. It was my first time there in over 2 years.  And after arriving I quickly remembered why we loved Lago Mar years ago….

A resort has about 15 minutes to make that first impression.  It is a “make or break”  moment.  At Lago Mar our first impression was one of  “welcome back friend” (even though it had been so long since our last visit) and “ Casual Classy” (we are relaxed, but 1st class all the way!).  Even if there was something little to complain about, I would never!  This resort made me feel like I was family.

The rooms are unique and decorated very “Tommy Bahama”, just like I would want my Floridian home styled in.  The Beach is also exactly what I would want in a beach front home in the islands, hammocks, comfy lounges, meandering pool and special spots for the kids.  Oh, and let’s not forget the gazebo for cocktails and lunch!  And there is the mini store ( aka neighborhood market) to get all of your essentials including a nice bottle of wine for the room.

The service, very friendly.  In fact, when room service came, I felt like my sister was bringing me breakfast in bed (not that she ever would!! LOL but I can imagine!)   I would also like to add that the Shop at Lago Mar is a unique boutique…one I would consider FABULOUS!  I have bought quite a bit of unique things over the years…and can’t wait for my first grandchild to be born, because I am going to have so much fun shopping for the kids clothes there!

The pool at Lago Mar Resort and Club

The pool at Lago Mar Resort and Club

The Beach at Lago Mar .

The Beach at Lago Mar .


Check out the Pool Bar for one of Paul's famous Sea Breezes.

Check out the Pool Bar for one of Paul’s famous Sea Breezes.

Relaxing in style at Lago Mar

Relaxing in style at Lago Mar

The Corridor

The Corridor


Service with a Smile at Lago Mar Resort and Club

Service with a Smile at Lago Mar Resort and Club

A welcoming hello and a warm "See you when you return!"

A welcoming hello and a warm “See you when you return!”

As a travel agent and friend, I would highly recommend staying at Lago Mar.  Whether you are looking for a week stay, a weekend or a pre or post cruise stay… Lago Mar is a superb place to stay.  A Resort that feels like your home on the beach.

Located 5 minutes from the Airport and Cruise Terminals, location is perfect for pre- and post- Cruise stays.  www.BookItWithJanet.com

For more information about Lago mar – 


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GirlsonaCruise Post Divorce!

"This is the relaxation I deserve"!

Last Monday night I went out with a friend who recently announced she was getting divorced after 30 years of marriage. Not that I was shocked…in fact, I was happy for her. Happy that she was doing something she wanted to do for years…getting her independence. But not happy that she was going through the horrible process of “getting divorced”! It is an emotional roller coaster and very draining.

Although I am not an advocate for divorce, the reality is that it happens. And now it was happening to her. This road she is going down will be filled with stress…in a big way! As a friend, my job is to support her and help her de-stress. The best way to do that? Get the Girls together! And what do the Girls do when they get together?

  • Laugh, Cry & Dance to old disco tunes!
  • Laugh, Cry & Share stories
  • Laugh, Cry & Get Massages
  • Laugh, Cry & Chit Chat till the wee hours
  • Laugh, Cry & Pop open another bottle of wine…..
  • Laugh, Laugh, Laugh!

Yes, I have just described every Girls Getaway and the perfect method of de-stressing! I started hosting Girls Getaway Cruises 5 years ago when I needed to de-stress from the “Empty Nest” time of my life. It worked! And I have been doing it twice a year ever since.

It is 4 or 5 days of Girl Time that is all about reconnecting not only with my friends, but with me. It is about getting away from all the family stress and refreshing my soul. There is something about being around other women (Friends, Sisters and even girls I just meet on the cruise) that encourages sharing and laughter. Then you return home feeling like NEW! Ready to take on the world again!

So, I am going to take my girlfriend and her girlfriends on a cruise. Where she can laugh and cry and carry on as herself with a group of women who are supportive, empowering and just plain fun. It is exactly what the “Doctor BFF Ordered!”

 Let GirlsonaCruise.com help you celebrate your “Chapter 2”.  Can’t find a friend to join you?  JOIN US!!  We have many “Solo” women…once they travel with GirlsonaCruise.com, they aren’t traveling “Solo” anymore!

What did you do to pick yourself up when you were going through your divorce?

Check out the POST-DIVORCE DATING CLUB   – the best community online and offline for ALL re-singled men and women to mix, mingle and maybe meet.

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Guest Post from Girlfriendology.com

All I ever needed to know … Girlfriend Cruise Edition!

Guest post from Girlfriendology.com – Great source for all things “Friends”! 

"Girls on Horseshoe Beach"

Wish you could have joined us on our Girlfriend Cruise to Bermuda with GirlsonaCruise.com!

It was an amazing seven days with fabulous female friends – new and not so new. We sailed to beautiful Bermuda on board the Celebrity Summit. We met wonderful women from all over the U.S. who ‘get’ them importance of getting away with their girlfriends!

Here’s updates on our Girlfriend Cruise travels –

You know how they say: ‘Everything I needed to know, I learned in Kindergarten?’ Well, after spending a week with the wonderful women on our girlfriend cruise to Bermuda, I think there is much to learn from women in our lives. Like these life lessons from the ‘ladies of leisure’ on the Celebrity Summit:

  • Sometimes you just gotta hang out with your girlfriends! Kids, husbands, relationships, jobs, responsibilities and schedules were all left back in the U.S. when we debarked for Bermuda – and it was a very good thing. Quality time with girlfriends, I personally find, and witnessed other women who agree, was an amazing opportunity to ‘get back to our true selves.’ It’s wonderful how the laughter, conversations, smiles and overall happiness just take over your whole outlook on life. We definitely experienced some great ‘girlfriend therapy’ just by spending a little quality time with other women.
  • Girlfriends NEED each other. Two of the women in our group are cancer survivors (who met on a cancer survivor cruise previously). They expressed deep appreciation and even the medicinal value of spending time with their girlfriends. We women don’t just enjoy time with our friends, we NEED them. We need their friendship, support and guidance. Thankfully we’re there for each other.
  • It’s wonderful to feel totally accepted. I’ll be honest with you. I don’t think I’ve been in public in a bathing suit in a decade (seriously!). It was wonderful to feel so totally accepted and comfortable with a group of girlfriends that it didn’t matter if I held in my stomach or had the cutest suit. We just enjoyed each other’s company – as we are.
  • Laughing together is medicinal. The conversations we had, funny secrets we shared, stores we told – all bonded us through our life experiences and lessons. There is nothing like laughing with female friends with whom you feel so comfortable and happy. Laughing, and friendship, is VERY good.
  • A helpful, fabulous girlfriend-in-charge makes traveling even more fun! We were so lucky to travel with a great cruise director (who arranges cruises for girlfriend trips and other groups) – Janet DeVito of GirlsonaCruise.com. From giving us ‘noodles’ to float on in the Atlantic, to hand-written notes on our door, to making sure our happy hour and dinner conversations were always inclusive and amusing, Janet is a pro in making it a great girlfriend cruise! Check out this video she made:

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