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The Carlisle Bay Resort, Antigua

Carlisle Bay Resort, Antigua

Sublime” – causing wonder or astonishment

We came to Carlisle Bay with high expectations. We took great care and much thought to choose Carlisle Bay. A large part of that decision was based on their website. My skeptical nature did cause me to worry.

During our flight to Antigua, I started to worry, to second guess our decision….”Were the photos accurate?” “Could it really be that beautiful?” “Should we have chosen one of the others?” Too late now!

We arrived in Antigua on time. The views from the plane were amazing. My buyers remorse disappeared instantly! Our ride to the resort was impressive. Antigua reminds me of St Martin 20 years ago, before St Martin was ruined with the inundation of timeshare units. Antigua has kept their virtue. Much more pristine.

The first thing I noticed was the lack of “junk” and the neatness of the locals homes. It was obvious that Antiguans are prideful of their homes and their island.

After driving through rolling hills and pastures surrounded by mountains, we entered a rainforest. Absolutely stunning. It reminded me of St Lucia. At that moment, I affirmed my decision that there is no need to fly 15 hours to Hawaii!!! The Caribbean has it all!

As we cleared the forest and began our descent into Carlisle Bay I suddenly felt very proud of myself…I DEFINITELY made the right decision!

Stepping out of the car, a bridge led us over a Koi pond surrounded by Bougainvilla and right into the Great House reception. The designers were extremely successful at blending Caribbean soul with modern sleek. Refreshingly charming.

First impressions are everything and Carlisle Bay made a magnificent first impression. How can I describe it…Sometimes pictures are worth a thousand words!

Warm welcoming reception.

Think crisp White sheets, azure sea with sparkling crystals and the sound of palm trees in the breeze. Tropical , lush garden walkways. Absolute perfection!

You know it is a great resort when you can’t decide to stay in the room, or go outside! We did stay long enough to play with the luxurious Cappuccino Machine! (Funny how special little things are exciting!) It was great to have that in our room. Fresh ground coffee, espresso or cappuccino as soon as you wake!

Breakfast served on our balcony is something I am still thinking about! Fantastic service. Stunning views. I miss that!

Beach- Perfect. Kayaked on the smooth, clear rolling waters each morning. Sand that is meticulously groomed and soft, surrounded by the mountains. Montserrat mysteriously looming on the horizon of the bay…could not stop staring at the white lava covered slopes. It was perfect. Not to mention the fresh fruit kabobs & cool drinks delivered with a smile!

Cuisine – Wonderful. Romantic setting overlooking the beach. Open air, clean and crisp. Again, pictures are worth a thousand words! Great menu selection. Would stand up to the finest NYC restaurants. Presentation was very artistic. Service was lacking a bit, but very friendly (remember that you are on “island time”).

Lunch was amazing. Beautiful, serene views. The soft sound of the water lapping at the shore. We had a nice bottle of wine and fresh, fantastic Avocado and Tuna salad….and then, the chorus of children whining and crying began!

I will tell you the only bad thing that I can say about Carlisle Bay Resort is that it is such a romantic place yet the children seem to overwhelm the dining room. Carlisle Bay does a great job of segregating the families from the couples on the beach, and they can easily solve this problem by utilizing the other half of the dining room for families and leaving the romantic side for couples. It would make everyone more relaxed (including the parents that are stressed!).

Spa – Sleek, calming and very professional. Menu had many options. The massage was wonderful for both of us. Rates were very reasonable. Gym small but very nice equipment, very clean and motivating class schedule.Tennis – I don’t play tennis, but I was impressed! Great courts. Excellent tennis pros.

I highly recommend Carlisle Bay Resort! I would go back in a heartbeat! Worth every penny! Treat yourself!

This could be your view for the day!

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